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Fleet Management System (FMS)

The FMS allows fleet managers to keep track of the movements of trucks, prime movers and trailers. In addition, fleet managers can also use the system to manage these vehicle's details like license renewal, regulatory inspection, vehicle service & maintenance.


  • Vehicle management
    - organise all your vehicle in one place, with photos and important details.
  • Driver management
    - keep a rooster of all drivers, photos and contact details.
  • Transport management system (TMS)
    - create delivery orders, track delivery orders, automated monitoring of deliveries, electronic proof of delivery (e-POD), delivery reports.
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
    - track your trucks or vehicles on a map in real-time. You can view your entire fleet or zoom in to a specific vehicle. Watch it move in real-time with historical tracing functionality.
  • License renewal and service reminders
    - automatically remind you and your drivers to renew their licenses, service the vehicle, carry out regulatory inspections and any other matters that your business demands of.
  • Activity monitoring and reporting
    - detail reports allowing you to refer to historical activities carried out by the vehicle or your drivers. Automated trip report generation for you to carry out verification and business process improvements. Tailored made reports just for your business operation for maximum efficiency and optimisation.
  • Fuel management
    - fully integratable module with fuel companies or with your own fuel station system, that automatically correlates and validates consumption of fuel in the vehicle to provide you a means to manage your cost and operation.