Unified Solutions

We are all about solutions. By dedicating ourselves to understanding your business in detail, we would design and formulate a solution by unifying the right technologies for you. And that's not all, our experienced teams will continue to work and optimise the solutions even as you continue to use it from day to day. The key that we firmly believe in is growing with our client hand-in-hand through solutions that maximise our clients potential and efficiency.

Fleet Management Solutions

A full suites of solutions ranging from vehicle management, driver management, transport management, real-time vehicle tracking, activity reports and many more.

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Bus Management Solutions

This solution combines advanced routing management, bus stops management, schedule management, trips count management, real-time bus tracking, drivers management and many more.

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Asset Management Solutions

We custom-made products suited to various assets that you cannot find elsewhere. Allowing you to track movements of assets such as equipment, cargo pallet, etc.

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Global Tracking Solutions

Our solutions extend globally, no matter where your vehicle or asset is going to be, you can be assured that it will be tracked seamlessly without worries on interruptions or cost overheads.

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